What Made These Villagers Pay for Water?

“We are the residents of Tala Upazilla in Satkhira, where ground water is badly contaminated with arsenic, iron, saline and the surface water is riddled with bacteria. Over the years, people of this upazilla got affected by various fatal water-borne diseases.”




“It was at the beginning of this year when we heard about this shop, called New Life Drinking Water Shop in my village, which sells purified water maintaining proper filtration process.”




“The water gets purified by the water treatment plant through reverse osmosis technology. This way, 30% of the water gets purified and ready to use.”




“We collect water for drinking purpose. If you are wondering about the cost, the cost is affordable as each litre of water costs only 85 paisa.”




“I own this van and ride this to earn my livelihood by transferring goods. In my free time, I collect free bottle and jar from my house as well as jars/bottles from my neighbors house to come here for buying water. My neighbors also provide such logistic support whenever they have free time.”




“BRAC has inspired me to start this business by providing loan to pay the upfront cost of the water treatment plant and connecting with the supplier. I am happy that people of this upazilla are having the access to pure drinking water through this initiative.”




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Salman is a seasoned volunteer and leadership enthusiast. He loves to write on issues where business concepts interact with social impact.

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