ICT Development in Development Sector

We can see a huge and rapid diffusion of information and communication technologies (ICT) in different regions of developing world like African and Asian countries. The hope and expectation grows when in recent years we observed how ICT is working to promote economic growth of a country whereas we had a concept that ICT development was regarded as a concern only for developed economies. Now ICT compare to utilities such as water, electricity, and transportation. The externalities of ICT development highlight its potential positive impact on economic growth, similar to that of public infrastructure. The impact of ICT development seems to be immense in different factors whether its Macro economy, Productivity gains and reduction in transaction costs , rural development etc .
Very recently our country has experienced a festive mood in the ICT sector. eASIA 2011, the annual international Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for development event was held in Bangladesh this time. The event certainly boosts up the interest of mass people towards ICT specially the young generation and it becomes easier to promote a specialized tool like ICT to general people. The presence of youth was highly noticeable which makes us understand mass people are also preparing themselves to grab the assistance of technology. To fulfill their need services provided should be ICT friendly.
So it is high time that we start to think about promoting ICT to our services and the best way to practice that is to start from home. We being the employees of BRAC should start thinking how to relate ICT with different programs for better output of our work. Technology is fast and smart and ignoring this gigantic force we hold ourselves back. BRAC being such a huge organization in development sector certainly can promote ICT to scale.
The question is how to utilize BRAC to promote ICT to our country? Should we think of introducing new tech based operational strategy for the programs or we go for our existing structure and make it more ICT friendly? How much are we willing to equip BRAC with ICT tools? As we know our last innovation forum was on Bridge academy on which we already have a post in our blog we see them introducing mobile cash transfer system. Can we think of it here, in the context of BRAC? Point is to have a mindset which is ICT friendly and do as much as we could to have a new and more dynamic BRAC which is ICT based.

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