Ability to Change: BRAC helping families fight malnutrition in Lasbela

Every third person in the world is malnourished today. It is estimated that one in two will still be malnourished by 2030. A big reason for this is inadequate nutrition and unhealthy diets. Balochistan, despite having abundant natural resources, suffers from a high prevalence of malnutrition, causing deaths among children and women belonging to socially […]

Time to rethink assessment

Many years of focus on schooling  Pratham first started its work in the slums of Mumbai a little over two decades ago. At the time, one of our main objectives was to bring children to school and to encourage them to stay in school. We were no different from others, in government and outside, in […]

Scaling quality education to confront the global learning crisis

The UN has released new global data on whether children are learning, that had received widespread media attention: In school, but learning nothing.  This is the first time the UN has released global data on learning, stepping up to the challenges set by the sustainable development goals. Here are some stark facts we must confront: […]

The Story of Karkhana

Karkhana is an educational company established in 2013 with the vision of promoting the culture of experimentation and empowering communities to build their own future. We have been working in collaboration with schools to design learning experiences for students by promoting hands-on activities and practical education. We currently work with 17 schools and over 2200 […]

Education, for what?

Coming from a middle class family meant I had to try my best to excel in academics. However, now after spending so much money for school tuition, coaching and a foreign degree, I can’t help but wonder whether it was all worth it. As I stepped into the professional world, I kept asking myself two […]

Connecting classrooms with communities

Teachers are busy, curriculums are full, and parents demand results. With all the academic, extracurricular, and daily logistic challenges accompanied with teaching, the idea of organising social entrepreneurs to connect with students can seem not only impossible, but also impractical and irrelevant to academic requirements. However, social innovators, particularly local social innovators, add a depth […]