Mohammad Zahidullah

Head of Sustainability, DBL Group

Through a wide range of programs aimed at improving the lives of workers and the local communities and reducing the impact on the environment, Zahid regularly works with a broad range of stakeholders, including UN agencies. He is currently managing several sustainability projects, including the Partnership for Cleaner Textiles (PaCT) by IFC, Mothers@Work and Better Business for Children by UNICEF, and Gender Equity and Returns by ILO’s Better Work Program and Female Leadership Development Program. Sustainability programs at DBL are aligned with SDGs.

Zahid has 25 years of experience in the apparel, textiles, sporting goods, ceramic tableware, and electronics industries. He conducts all his work with the belief that the “Reward of doing good is nothing but good”.


By Mohammad Zahidullah

By Mohammad Zahidullah


Live plenary

Use cases that enhance women’s financial inclusion: What have we learned from wage digitisation and other digital services?


wednesday | May 18, 2022

18:30 – 19:10 BST (GMT +6)
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