Zahangir Alam

Social and Labour Manager, Bestseller

He is the Social Labour Manager, Bestseller and Responsible for Bangladesh and Pakistan. His main experience area is in CSR and sustainability within the textile and garment industry. He has been working with these at H&M, Walmart, Sainsbury’s & Bestseller and handle both at head quarter level and in the production countries.

During his work more than 26 years in this field, I have visited more than 1500 Garments factories and manage Social and Environmental audit/verification & CSR projects addressing the most common verifications findings on the ground. His work involved a lot of networking with local /International NGO’s and other international brands on how to improve working conditions in the supply chain. Apart from those, he is working on below to ensure decent workplace in the supply chain.

• Capacity building of suppliers compliance team in terms of social and labour compliance team so that they can manage their supply chain
• Women empowerment program
• Mid-level manament training program
• Analyse industrial relations and collaborate with external stakeholder and decide what role brands can take to promote better progress in the supply Chain
• Support enhancing -Workers management communication


By Zahangir Alam

By Zahangir Alam


Live plenary

Use cases that enhance women’s financial inclusion: What have we learned from wage digitisation and other digital services?


wednesday | May 18, 2022

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