Amra Notun Network

An inclusive youth platform to develop active, enlightened, skillful and empathetic citizens for tomorrow, through a comprehensive package of 21st century skills training and community service projects. The platform also includes access to a larger network of partners and like-minded youth groups for future opportunities.

Approach to Project

We are following a five-tier mode of operation:
1. Recruit 30 youngsters for each club
2. Train them on interpersonal skills
3. Deploy them to work on local problems
4. Tag them with local mentors for guidance
5. Track their work progress to award the best performers

Amra Notun Network was scaled up to eventually reach over 20,000 youth changemakers by 2022, from all the 64 districts within the country.

Contact Us

BRAC Centre
75 Mohakhali,
Dhaka-1212 Bangladesh

Tel: 88 02 2222 81265. E-mail:

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