We connect people through several open and closed platforms that foster learning sharing and partnerships.

As an innovation hub, we are continuously learning about innovations and disseminating the best practices across BRAC and the development sector. We host forums, workshops and learning sessions to engage key stakeholders in conversations around innovation and cross-cutting development issues. Through these initiatives we aim to create a breeding ground of innovative ideas and development insights- a space for innovation.

Frugal Innovation Forum

Frugal Innovation Forum is a platform for practitioners to explore frugal innovations in the global south.
Since 2013 BRAC has been hosting Frugal Innovation Forums every year on different development themes.

The 3 day forum, that kickstarts with field visit, explores educational innovations in the global south and connect non-profit innovators, social entrepreneurs and emerging leaders to catalyse lasting change with limited resources.

The FIF Journey

FIF 2017: Scaling quality education
FIF 2016 : Scaling resilience
FIF 2015 : Pushing the boundaries of development
FIF 2014 : Scaling digitally
FIF 2013 : Scaling simple solutions

Read the latest stories of innovations in the global South in the FIF blog. Let us know if you are willing to share yours.

If you are interested to know more about the conference in 2018, or be a part, drop us an email at frugalinnovation@brac.net. You can also find us in Facebook.

Follow the conversation at #ScaleFrugal

Monthly Innovation Forum

Every month we organise an Innovation Forum on a topic related to innovation and emerging opportunities in development sector. The platform is open for all, the interactive sessions offers an opportunity to learn new things, engage in candid discussion, and generate insights from fun brainstormings.

If you are interested to attend, present your innovations, or co-host an Innovation Forum with us, let us know at innovation@brac.net.

Quarterly Innovation Adda

Innovation Adda (meaning chit-chat sessions in Bengali) is an informal, no-agenda meetup for questions, dialogue, reflection, and building relationships among BRAC staff across different programmes. We host “Innovation Adda” in various locations inside BRAC Centre and outside in the field offices to create an open space for sharing ideas.

Innovation Training

We organise multiple learning sessions and trainings to encourage the culture of learning and knowledge collaborations within the organisation.

We collaborated with BRAC Human Resources and Learning Division to design and pilot a 2-day course titled “Leadership Course for Innovation Skills” for mid-level managers in the field. The game based, hands-on training enabled them to practice innovation in the workplace.

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