Mobile Money

The BRAC Innovation Fund for Mobile Money aims to increase innovation in mobile money by seeding a diverse set of projects that prepare BRAC to adopt mobile money at scale. This project is a unique partnership between the BRAC Social Innovation Lab and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. BRAC hopes to enable the poor to better access and understand the benefits of mobile money. It also plans to develop new services and products that mobile money makes possible. Finally, it seeks opportunities to improve its own organisational efficiency.
“Mobile money-the delivery of financial services through existing mobile phone networks—has the potential to improve the lives of impoverished people across the world, who currently depend on cash and other informal financial arrangements.The instability and expense inherent in the cash-dependent economy are consistent barriers to breaking the cycle of poverty…”

Urban Innovation Challenge

We imagine a city where solutions to problems are generated around and within communities instead of fancy conference rooms. BRAC’s Urban Innovation Challenge supports the creation of urban innovators who can challenge the status quo and have the potential to reinvent the future of Bangladesh’s cities. was BRAC’s first step into incubation. This year, the challenge focused on the areas of health and employment. 6 teams from 3 cities were incubated for 6 months through extensive field exposure, prototyping and piloting. The incubation provide coworking space, business development, financial and legal support in order to generate a holistic support that can grow these ideas into sustainable solutions. At the end of the challenge, the incubated teams will be ready to take their product or service to the market and be able to pitch for investment. The project aims to become a launchpad for impact-driven enterprises, bringing sustainable solutions at the doorsteps of urban poor.

Alumni Innovation Challenge

Alumni Innovation Challenge was SIL’s first step into regional partnerships around Asia.

The purpose of the innovation challenge was to promote development innovation through the Alumni Network of Australia Awards in this region.28 grantees from 7 countries presented their innovations under 8 themes (Technology for Development, Well-being and Resilience, Capacity Development, Gender and Advocacy, Design for Impact, Economic Development, Inclusive Learning, and Children and Youth Development). BRAC supported in refining their ideas through mentorship opportunities with experts and practitioners and a conference platform for reaching out to a diverse mix of development practitioners, entrepreneurs, innovators, representatives from embassies and thought leaders.

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