Urban Slum Fire

Insert your popup content here[/popup]Frequent Fire incidents often strike the congested slums of Dhaka, destroying the lives and livelihood of the residents who are unaware and unequipped to prevent these disasters.

To combat this very real problem, since the summer of 2017, SIL in collaboration with UDP (Urban Development Programme) and ideo.org has been prototyping in the Korail slum with 3 human-centred designed solutions, including this animation, to reduce the risk and impact of fire incidents.
In the last few months, we have managed to reach over 500 slum dwellers, train 25 resident Fire Heroes, and empower the community women to help prevent 2 Fire Incidents.

To find out more, check out this article.

HCD Course

From July to October of 2017, we conducted the inaugural course of Human-Centred Design in BRAC. 22 participants from different departments participated in this pioneering course, where they were taught about concepts, tools and processes of human-centred design, and inspired with real life examples collected from all around the world.
Participants competed and collaborated to try and solve different problems facing BRAC staff’s work lives, and came up with 5 innovative prototypes that they tested in the field.

Although this innovative course was the first of its kind run in BRAC, it certainly won’t be the last!


Every year, out of 100000 people, 221 get infected with tuberculosis and alarmingly, 45 die annually. To reduce the incidence of mortality from this contagious disease, and make patients come into the health system sooner, SIL has been working on developing solutions that would enable people to get the proper healthcare efficiently and effectively. We’ve consulted TB patients, healthcare personnel, international resources, and our own field staff to design these feasible solutions.

We will begin prototyping on this project from 2018, so stay tuned to find out more!

HCD Handbook

BRAC is an organisation that believes in continuous learning and experimenting, and the backbone of this organisation is the dedicated field staff that works in direct contact with our clients, end-users, collaborators and other stakeholders.

To help our field staff ask questions, understand our stakeholders, and create solutions for them better, SIL has designed a practical handbook on human-centred design.

This guidebook is designed to help anyone and everyone – that includes you! – to know how to bring the ideas inside your head to reality, to collaborate with your users to develop targeted solutions, to formulate ideas and then implement them in a disciplined manner and find out what works and what doesn’t!

You can download the booklet from below download button or if you’d want your own hard copy of BRACoron, reach out to us at sil@brac.net and we promise to get back to you!



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