An overview of the pilots at BRAC

“Innovation is about courageous experimentation— testing new approaches, tapping into unconventional sources for insight and inspiration. Experiments often fail; a  part of the process. When successful, they can lead to gamechanging discoveries.” – Pam Omidyar, founder of HopeLab.

When it comes to an organisation as large as BRAC that has been experimenting with various models of development for over four decades at the grassroots level, historically innovations here have been more spontaneous and scattered. In a recent initiative to understand how innovation happens at BRAC, the Social Innovation Lab, combined the data from total of 57 pilots of the 12 programmes, with 43 pilots still in continuation. The list was put up with the help of all the project focal persons for collecting relevant data and information. The data collection was done on the basis of specific indicators to extract meaningful information and analyse the pilots’ scale and impact. The database will act as a platform for collaborating and synthesising the knowledge gained from different projects and facilitate project scale up. The following Infograph represents some interesting findings from the ‘Pilots Database’ and provides an overview of the overall condition.

Infographic Courtesy: Riffat Ashrafee



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Riffat is a chocoholic and daydreamer who fancies herself as a philosopher, musician and painter. Her passion for social development has landed her in BRAC's Social Innovation Lab; where she is building herself as a development enthusiast. An ambivert by nature, an admirer of paradoxes and an optimistic over-thinker; she believes time travel is possible.

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