Pilots 2015

Innovation Fund for Mobile Money Challenge 2015

The 2nd Innovation Fund for Mobile Money Challenge was held from March 1-April 16, 2015. Close to four hundred ideas were collected and assessed by BRAC for feasibility and relevance, five were chosen for implementation:

Sanitation loan in hard-to-reach areas using mobile money

BRAC’s water, sanitation and hygiene programme provides sanitation loans to remote areas. The sanitation loan will now be provided through mobile money, making the loan process more flexible and efficient.

Interest and medical bill disbursement for Rana Plaza survivors

The Disaster, Environment, and Climate Change (DECC) programme will financially assist Rana Plaza victims with their rehabilitation by providing monthly interest and free medical care through mobile money. Currently, 330 victims of the Rana Plaza factory collapse are receiving services from the DECC programme.

Mobile allowance disbursement using mobile money

Every month, BRAC distributes mobile stipends to staffs. Postpaid bills are paid directly to mobile operators, and prepaid bills are transferred into staff bank accounts with payroll. Because bKash offers free airtime purchases, BRAC’s Finance and Accounts is digitizing all mobile allowance payments.

Digitalizing lunch tokens using mobile money

Every day at BRAC, nearly 650 employees of the Head Office purchase the daily staff lunch token. At the suggestion of one BRAC employee, transactions surrounding the daily staff lunch, such as ordering or canceling a meal, will be conducted via mobile money.