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In partnership with Intermedia a targeted qualitative study was performed to investigate the impact of digital financial services (DFS) on key populations currently under-represented among DFS users: women and youth under the age of 25. Designed to complement large scale nationally representative surveys conducted as part of the Financial Inclusion Insights program, this study found youth to be adept at using DFS, including instances where the youth provided support on DFS usage and trouble-shooting for the relatively older users such as their parents. The study also found evidence of increased participation in financial decision making for some female participants of DFS in remote char areas.

Interestingly, specific use cases as provided by the BRAC pilots were found to be an important introduction for these users into the DFS ecosystem, leading to broader use. Additionally, the human touch points as offered through the BRAC pilots were credited to be an important source of confidence for the new users of DFS. This underscores the importance of providing tailored use cases and also support from agents, staff or even family members, as catalysts to jump start the broader adoption of DFS.

Case Study

Student Case Study: It’s (Not) All About the Money: Mobile Money and Innovation at BRAC, by Jessica Meckler, The Fletcher School, Tufts University. Read the full case study here.

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