Jugaad, or ‘frugal innovation’ approach was always an inherent feature and a unique offering of Global South. This creative approach can be borrowed for wide-scale adoption and large-scale change for dynamic social impact. With this in mind, FIF was created with the aim to explore deeper into Global South’s fascinating potential, to develop a platform to amplify what is already happening across the region, and by bringing innovators together to learn, share and scale up low-cost models.

The theme of the seventh forum is ‘Scaling digital innovations for women's financial inclusion,’ where we'll be exploring what’s worked and what hasn’t, whether digital financial service is delivering on its promise for financial inclusion, and where to go from here (and who to partner with) in closing the remaining gaps in a sustainable, cost-effective way. We'll also explore issues related to access, design, and uptake of meaningful use cases for women, as well as emerging disruptive innovations in this field.

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