• Africa Americas Affiliate Offices Wireless Currency, Endless Possibility: Seven promising mobile money projects to emerge from BRAC’s challenge

    A Next Billion article by Tasmia Rahman and Paroma Afsara Husain Throughout our journey from being a small post-war rehabilitation operation to becoming the world’s largest development NGO serving 135 million people in 11 countries, BRAC has always championed innovation with an ambitious vision of scaling up to have a big impact. One aspect that […]

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  • So We’ve Scaled Up, Now What?

    By Asif Saleh & Maria A. May | Apr. 11, 2013 Panel on organizing communities. From left: Arbind Singh (Nidan), Shandana Khan (Rural Support Programmes Network), Syed Hashemi (BRAC Development Institute), Gum Sha Aung (Metta Myanmar), and Kishore Singh (Urban Partnership for Poverty Reduction). Late last month, a group of South Asian leaders gathered in […]

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  • The Hidden Dimensions of Scale

    By Maria A. May & Amanda J. Misiti | Oct. 2, 2013 When assessing pilots, people often talk about a program or organization’s potential to scale. Certainly there are factors that make some models easier to scale than others. At BRAC, the world’s largest nonprofit organization, there is a relentless focus on making models that […]

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