The ‘must reads’ on Social Innovation for the month!

What did the world do in the name of ‘Social Innovation’ this month? Read the highlights from the awesome recent features in just 10 minutes!


1. Ten ideas helping governments innovate, and more..

Nesta lab notes from the month of August investigates the public sector innovations to know what has worked best to incubate, accelerate and de-risk public sector innovation.

Obviously my most favorite of the list.

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2. Innovation in the World Demands Adaptability in the Workplace

For innovation and disruption to be more organised than organic, this one is a great article that Innovation Excellence that emphasises on the importance of an adaptable work culture. When BRAC itself is rethinking the design of its workspace, I highly doubt what could have been a better time for us to read it!

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3. After Innovation Month 2016, some initial thoughts

The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science is responsible to foster innovation in the Australian Public Service (APS). After celebrating July 2016 as the ‘Innovation Month‘, which marked ‘Disruptive Innovation Workshop’, ‘APS Innovation Forum’ and ‘Innovation Awards’ to support and encourage innovation mindset in the public sector of Australia.

A must read! The full article is available here.


4. Community Change Institute Webinar Series

This August 25th Community Change Institute is hosting a webinar titled ‘Innovation Starts with People’.

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5. Stanford Social Innovation Review: Summer 2016

Stanford Social Innovation Review has published the Summer 2016 issue. The key highlights include articles on data driven action, prize philanthropy, new grant making approach for non-profits and many more.

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6.The Art of Disruption | A Reflection

Social Innovation Generation has published a reflection article highlighting ‘The Power of Connection” “The Power of People” and “The Power of the Big5”. The author stresses on not just inter organisation connection, but also intra organisation relationship and communication. The article also brings the aspect of people in the modern world, where less and less of us are relying on others to change the world for us. The Big 5: Collective Impact, Community Engagement, Collaborative Leadership, Community Development and Innovation, Evaluating Community Impact, mostly is articulated with the view to help the reader realise the changes they seek to make in the society, both as a reader and a follower.

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