About Us

Since its earliest days, BRAC valued and practiced innovation. Many of its programmes challenged conventional wisdom in development, at times even drawing strong criticism and resistance from expert groups. BRAC’s oral rehydration therapy extension programme (OTEP) and its non-formal primary schools are two examples of innovative models that have scaled and fundamentally transformed standard approaches to health and education.

As BRAC began to scale its programmes, the early “start-up” had to transform into an organisation with the capacity to manage thousands of employees, millions of clients, and billions of dollars. This infrastructure allowed us to maintain high levels of financial accountability and robust service delivery nationwide. But these changes have significant consequences for innovation, as balancing scale and innovation in development has always been a challenge. Launching Social Innovation Lab in 2011 was a milestone towards mainstreaming innovation in a way that reflects BRAC’s current organisational complexities and aligns with its strategy going forward.

Our activities constantly shift to align with new challenges, emerging opportunities, and internal demand. We facilitate cross-programme collaboration across the organisation to take advantage of BRAC’s knowledge and breadth of experience.

Social Innovation Lab